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My Story

Relationships have always been incredibly important to me. Throughout my childhood, I longed for deep and healthy relationships with my family and friends.  Yet sadly, many of those relationships were filled with stress, conflict and confusion and I frequently over-functioned, feeling intensely responsible for their happiness.   As a result, I learned to move through the world as a chameleon, transforming myself to fit the needs of others to keep my connections. This felt exhausting.


As the years passed, this pattern intensified, and I felt lost.  My light was increasingly dimming. This was especially true in my intimate partnership.  As a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful children, I found myself on the verge of divorce. Feeling hopeless and at my rope’s end, I needed to find my way out of the confusion and once and for all stop avoiding my discomfort and pain. 


Through facing and feeling my pain, I realized that I had the power to change my experience. I discovered by embracing conflict, getting curious about myself and others, and taking personal responsibility, I was able to get in the driver's seat of my life.  This positively impacted and created lasting shifts in my marriage.  My partner started feeling more care and support.  We created more connection and started having way less conflict, in large part due to the big shift I made in finding my power.


I proudly own that I embraced a warrior approach, which has equated to a feeling of more ease and empowered me to fully express myself in my life.  I now feel more connected to others because I have finally found and connected to my true, authentic self.  I am on a mission to help other women and couples do the same.  

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I'm always willing to help you create the relationship and life of your dreams! Let's connect.

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