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Conscious Partnering

Relationship Coaching

Are you...

Wanting a deeper bond with your intimate partner?

Wanting to have closer, more loving relationships?

Wanting a more authentic and deeper connection with yourself?



Present Centered Relationship Coaching

For Individuals
For Couples

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Hi, I'm Nora

Welcome to Conscious Partnering! 

I help women and couples in their most intimate of relationships, with themselves and in their partnerships. 

I help women in midlife through transitions that leave them feeling disconnected from themselves and their partners.  I empower them to find themselves, their dreams and their authentic voice, thus creating healing and thriving relationships, so they can feel fulfilled, purposeful and connected in life.

I help long term partnered couples deepen their emotional connection to create safety and security in their relationships. I help couples reconnect, recreate and rebirth the relationship of their dreams with a new energy, purpose and vibrancy.


My Approach


I practice Present Centered Relationship Coaching learned from the Relationship School®.  Their teaching is around couples standing for three, improving communication through the conflict-repair cycle and helping couples clarify their purpose together.

I study work from The Couples Institute® and their developmental model.  As a couple where are you on this developmental model and what skills do you need to learn and practice to develop yourselves as a couple and as individuals?

I bring into my practice my work as a facilitator with Safe Conversations®.  This is a tool for communication with the understanding of how the brain works to keep couples connecting beyond differences.


I also bring in my experience as an empty nester couple on the verge of divorce, able to make our relationship a priority and reconnect, recreate and rebirth the relationship of our dreams.

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Contact Me

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have about my services or what I can provide for you. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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