After trying diet after diet, at the age of 53, I found WildFit and delved into my relationship with food. 

At that time I was looking for the next diet, having failed many others. I had an exercise addiction, believing I had to "work off" the calories of the day. (WildFit has no exercise component.)

Believing in calories in vs. calories out. (WildFit teaches you that's not true.) I had digestive issue all my life and I had put on 30 lbs since menopause.

WildFit transformed forever my relationship with food, with moving my body, my digestive issues cleared up and I lost over 15 lbs I had gained.

I now have freedom around food, can pass by that cookie tray, and know exactly what to eat for my body and brain health and have a much healthier relationship with moving my body.   I also received many benefits I wasn't even aware could be changed.  Many of my aches and pains in my body went away, my sleep improved, and my alertness in the day changed drastically.


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