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Conscious Partnering

Relationship Coaching

Are you...

Wanting a deeper bond with your intimate partner?

Wanting to have closer, more loving relationships?

Wanting a more authentic and deeper connection with yourself?



Present Centered Relationship Coaching

For Individuals
For Couples

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Hi, I'm Nora

Welcome to Conscious Partnering! 

I help women in midlife through transitions that leave them feeling disconnected from themselves and their partners.  I empower them to find themselves, their dreams and their authentic voice, thus creating healing and thriving relationships, so they can feel fulfilled, purposeful and connected in life.

I help empty-nester couples deepen their emotional connection to create safety and security in their relationships. I help couples reconnect, recreate and rebirth the relationship of their dreams with a new energy, purpose and vibrancy.


My Services

All sessions provided virtually through Zoom.
Individual Coaching - 'Finding Me' Signature Coaching Program

Have you lost yourself?  Are you struggling with your identity inside and outside of your relationships?  I want to help you develop a strong personal identity apart from your relationship so that you are feeling fulfilled in life and can bring that richness into your relationships, making them more dynamic and vibrant.

Start with a Free 'Finding Me' Breakthrough Session

Couples Coaching - 'Conscious Reconnecting' Program

Are you an empty nester couple struggling to reconnect as you realize your relationship is now becoming a priority?  Do you have unresolved issues and don't want to divorce?  Do you want more in your relationship?  I help couples reconnect, recreate and rebirth the relationships of their dreams with a new energy, purpose and vibrancy.  Let's start here with connecting beyond our differences and learning how to care for each other in relationship.

Start with a Free 'Conscious Reconnecting' Breakthrough Session

My Approach


I practice Present Centered Relationship Coaching learned from the Relationship School®.  Their teaching is around couples standing for three, improving communication through the conflict-repair cycle and helping couples clarify their purpose together.

I study work from The Couples Institute® and their developmental model.  As a couple where are you on this developmental model and what skills do you need to learn and practice to develop yourselves as a couple and as individuals?

I bring into my practice my work as a facilitator with Safe Conversations®.  This is a tool for communication with the understanding of how the brain works to keep couples connecting beyond differences.


I also bring in my experience as an empty nester couple on the verge of divorce, able to make our relationship a priority and reconnect, recreate and rebirth the relationship of our dreams.


Contact Me

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have about my services or what I can provide for you. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.

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