WildFit 14 Day Reset

 🚫 DON’T eat this! ONLY eat that! AVOID this at all costs! 🚫 UGH! 🤯

Sure, maybe those strict, rule-based diets work for a day. Maybe if someone is REALLY disciplined 4 days... but they always fail eventually. Right?

That’s not your fault. That’s not because of a lack of willpower or knowledge or anything else.

They don’t work because they DON’T WORK. 😳

We believe the path to wellness isn’t paved in rules. It’s paved in completely changing your relationship with food.

🤝 And you’re not doing it alone! 💪💪

Our signature program, the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, was designed to change how you feel about food.

But we discovered that the big internal shift happens in just 14 days.

It’s in these first 2 weeks that you’ll achieve powerful insight into something you’ve struggled with for years. You’ll realize how your many (MANY) diet strategies have been the exact reason your emotional eating has gotten worse year after year, and pound after pound.

And this program isn’t some worksheet or video series you’ll watch and forget about a week after you complete it.

Nope. This is a community of support.

You’ll have access not only to our online community where you can interact with others on the same journey, but access to 3x a week LIVE coaching sessions with WildFit coach Nora Katafiasz!

That’s a level of support that’s unlike anything a diet worksheet could give you.

We’re offering the first 14 days of our full 90 Day Challenge, so now you can see for yourself what makes the WildFit method different than any other diet you’ve tried.

The WildFit Video Training Program: Daily emails and 10 video courses led by founder Eric Edmeades will shift how you look at food and nutrition for good!

6 LIVE WildFit Coaching Sessions: 3x a week, you’ll get direct support from Certified WildFit Coach Nora Katafiasz to encourage, educate, and cheer you on!

Access to the Private WildFit Community: Committing to change is hard, but our members (and WildFit coach Nora Katafiasz) will be there every step of the way!

Starts Monday, March 30, 2020

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