WildFit 90 - Next Challenge Starts September 21, 2020

WildFit 90 is a transformative health program that teaches you how to permanently change how you think about food, and what you eat.

This is a food methodology that works for people who want to release weight, gain or maintain weight, athletes seeking peak performance, or really, anyone who wants to live longer and with greater vitality.

WildFit 90 will teach you how to train your brain to stop wanting foods that aren’t good for you and to start wanting foods that truly nourish and energize you.


90 Day


Lots of people claim they have 'the secret' to weight loss, true health, and living a long and happy life.

Out of all the diets and food methodologies I've tried (and I've tried A LOT of them!), only one has created permanent change in my body and daily habits.

It's called WildFit.

WildFit taught me how to eat the ideal human diet (this methodology is based on decades of nutritional anthropology, evolutionary and functional medicine), but as valuable as that information is, it's not actually my favorite part.

The most important thing about WildFit is that it taught me the behavioral psychology principles necessary to permanently change my eating habits.

With WildFit, you're never hungry, and there's also no exercise component and unlike the impersonal, large group programs out there, we provide lots of community support and one-on-one coaching.

It's time for your body, health, and quality of life to finally get your attention.

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After trying diet after diet, at the age of 53, I found WildFit and delved into my relationship with food. 

At that time I was looking for the next diet, having failed many others. I had an exercise addiction, believing I had to "work off" the calories of the day. (WildFit has no exercise component.)

Believing in calories in vs. calories out. (WildFit teaches you that's not true.) I had digestive issue all my life and I had put on 30 lbs since menopause.

WildFit transformed forever my relationship with food, with moving my body, my digestive issues cleared up and I lost over 15 lbs I had gained.

I now have freedom around food, can pass by that cookie tray, and know exactly what to eat for my body and brain health and have a much healthier relationship with moving my body.   I also received many benefits I wasn't even aware could be changed.  Many of my aches and pains in my body went away, my sleep improved, and my alertness in the day changed drastically.

WildFit 90 Day
WildFit 90 Day
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