"Satisfy the deepest yearning of the human heart."

Are you craving something

deeper in your relationship?

Somewhere along the way, most of us have lost our feeling of being fully connected to our partner, and with that our feeling of full connection to other people in our lives.


Our happiness is bound together. 

Are you stuck in the power struggle?  Conflict is growth trying to happen.

Learning how to talk without judgment and to listen without reacting makes conversations safe and provides the essential skills of a good relationship. Knowing how to have safe conversations may not solve problems or issues, but nothing can be resolved without those skills.

Most conversations are monologues where two people are talking and neither is listening. Talking to each other rather than WITH each other makes conversation, itself, the problem and obscures the issue.

Connecting is HEALING!

Safe Conversations® is a structured, simple, three step way of talking that invites partners to take turns sending and receiving. While it serves as an efficient communication tool for the exchange of energy and information, its magic and power lies in the fact that the structure makes it SAFE to talk. And safety makes connecting possible. When connecting happens, healing occurs. That’s what makes Safe Conversations® a transformational process.

Safe Conversations® is available through workshops done in person or by Zoom.

I also offer one-on-one Safe Conversations® Training with you and your partner.


Tuesday, August 25 & Sept. 1 
Safe Conversations
4-Hour Program for Couples - Register as a Couple
Saturday, August 15
Taste of Safe Conversations 2-Hour Program 
Tuesday, August 25 & Sept. 1
Safe Conversations
4-Hour Program for
Couples -  Register One as Part of a Couple
Safe Conversations
1.50 Hour - Private Coaching Session

Imagine feeling Valued and Connected

About Nora . . .

Nora is a Safe Conversations Facilitator.  She has been teaching Safe Conversations for the past three years.  She has run workshops and coached couples one-on-one.  

She gives credit to Safe Conversations to creating safety and lasting connection in all of her relationships. Especially with her husband of 31 years.

Talking is among the most dangerous things people do!  And listening is the most infrequent.

Safe Conversations® helps people talk without criticizing, listen without judgment and connect beyond their differences.

Watch these videos for more information:

Do You Want To . . .
  • Embrace and engage in conflict?

  • Learn about relationships?

  • Self-reflect and take personal responsibility?

  • Learn, grow, and develop?

What You Will Learn . . .


  • How to feel more empowered in your life and in your relationships

  • How to tell your truth, be vulnerable and  lean into conflict

  • How to identify your largest patterns, beliefs and lifetime roles you’ve played out your  whole life

  • How to identify any unprocessed grief, guilt, blame and shame that you are still carrying in your  backpack

  • How to create relationships that are deeply nourishing and secure

  • How to understand your emotions  and how they direct your world and actions  and how to make new choices

  • How to learn to listen and speak with  others creating authentic connection