Are You Seeking To . . .
  • Become free of fear and confusion?

  • Heal your childhood wounds/trauma?

  • Transform limiting beliefs/life patterns?

  • Finally feel FREE to LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH?

What You Will Learn . . .


  • How to be happy and know unconditional  love by learning to be loved, loving and be  responsible

  • How to tell your truth, be vulnerable and  lean into love

  • How to identify your largest patterns, beliefs and lifetime roles you’ve played out your  whole life

  • How to identify any codependent behaviors, unprocessed grief, guilt, obligation and  shame that you are still carrying in your  backpack

  • How to create a community with nurturing  family and friendships

  • How to interact with the world in a loving  way and be able to spot your behaviors

  • How to deeply understand your emotions  and how they direct your world and actions  and how to make new choices

  • How to have Safe Conversations® with  others creating authentic connection

  • How to use Gratitude, Greatness,  Affirmations, Appreciations, Prayer      and/or Zero Negativity® to create  positive intensity in  your life

Certified Host/Life Coach

Nora Katafiasz, ULLC is a Certified Host and Life Coach with a unique ability to truly listen. She affords her clients an opportunity to become free of fear and confusion, heal childhood wounds and transform limiting beliefs.  Nora is passionate about working with couples as well as individuals providing them the critical keys to authentic connection with themselves and others.

Utilizing her own experiences as a trauma survivor, a wife of nearly 30 years and a mother to three children, along with her extensive training as a Certified Host and a facilitator of Safe Conversations®, Nora inspires her clients to live life fully, love unconditionally and laugh with total abandon.  

Nora is currently the Secretary for the Non-Profit Board for, administrator for and a Certified Host/Life Coach for Loving Groups.

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