Relationships have always been very incredibly important to me. In hindsight, throughout my childhood I longed for deep and healthy relationships with my family and friends. Yet sadly, many of those relationships were filled with stress, conflict and confusion. As a result, I learned to move through the world as a chameleon, transforming myself to fit the needs of others, in order to keep my connections. As the years passed, this pattern intensified and I felt my light increasingly dimming. This was especially so with my intimate partnership.


I was a stay-at-home mom with three beautiful children and on the verge of divorce. Terrified and at my rope’s end, I was finally ready to find my way out of the confusion and once and for all, discover and empower myself.  Through the years of self-study, coaching, and therapy, I am proud to say I have discovered my authentic voice and how to have a thriving partnership. My light is shining brightly!

In 2016, my husband and I dove into the practice of Safe Conversations®, which transformed our communication and vastly deepened our understanding of each other. This work ignited an unstoppable fire in me to learn more about relationships and I began to study with Jayson Gaddis at The Relationship School® in 2019.

I am passionate about working with couples and individuals and enjoy guiding them in discovering the critical keys to authentic connection and mutual, loving relationships.